Porsche Lease Loyalty Program

Porsche Finance Services Lease Loyalty Program is Here!

For existing customers with a Porsche Financial Service lease contract, Sunset Porsche is now offering an upgrade into any new Porsche model waiving up to $30,000 to qualifying customers.

  • Customers who lease or finance a new MY 17 Porsche model vehicle through Porsche Financial Services will have up to 12 payments waived on select existing PFS leases.
  • Vehicles must meet the standard PFS vehicle eligibility requirements of the PFS Lease/Retail Finance Program as applicable and/or the specific vehicle eligibility requirements of the finance or lease program utilized.
  • Customers whose payments are greater than $2,500 are eligible to receive the $2,500 maximum.
  • Only one EOTLLP offer per eligible PFS account.

MY 14 Mid-Engine, 911, Cayenne & Panamera models | Up to 12 months

MY 15  Mid-Engine models | Up to 9 months

MY 15  911 models | Up to 6 months

MY 15 Cayenne, Panamera, Macan models | Up to 12 months

MY 16 Mid-Engine, 911, Cayenne, Panamera, Macan models | Up to 12 months

All MY   All Models | Up to 3 month


Contracts must be dated on or before November 30, 2017. Customer must execute an eligible contract with PFS, which consists of a new lease agreement or a new finance contract on a new and untitled 2017 Porsche models. Please contact us for all the eligibility details on this offer and other special offers from PFS.

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