Porsche 911: 55 Years of Driving Greatness Exhibit Opening

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“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.”
-Ferry Porsche

On Saturday April 28, 2018 World of Speed is opening their new exhibit Porsche 911. Come Join Porsche Beaverton and World of Speed in celebrating 55 years of driving greatness. The Exhibit opens April 28 and runs through the rest of 2018.

After 55 years the silhouette of the Porsche 911 has remained iconic and easily distinguishable. That being said, the styling, performance, safety and convenience features have all evolved with the times. Here is a little of the Porsche 911’s illustrious history.


The Porsche 911 debuted in the United States in 1964. Almost immediately after it went on sale in the United States it became an icon. The very first Porsche to come to the US was origianlly called the Type 901, but changed the name to 911 before the market launch in 1964, due to pressure from a certain French auto manufacturer. The 1965 Porsche 911 had an air-cooled, flat-six engine with 130 horsepower, and a top speed of 130 miles per hour. At only 27 years old Ferry Porsche designed the fastback coupe with the 2+2 seating.


For the 1974 model year, the Porsche 911’s body design was redesigned altogether. The main difference that is visible to the eye is the raised bumper design with the black plastic bellows. The reasoning behind this was that the North American market had more stringent approval regulations. The bumpers had to be able to absorb impacts as a result of hitting a fixed object of speeds up to 5 MPH without damage to the body. The standard 911 model had a flat-six engine with a displacemnt of 2.7L. This produced 150 horsepower.


The Porsche 944 came on the the market in model year 1982. This Porsche was considered to bridge the price and performance gap between the 924 and the 911 SC. The Porsche 944 had a 2.5-litre engine that initially developed 163 hp. MY 86 a catalytic converter version that produced 150hp. For MY 88 the engine with catalytic converter was tuned for unleaded fuel. This increased the power to 160 hp. The last model year (which was 1989), the displacement was increased to 2.7L and the hp grew to 165 hp.


The Porsche 911 Turbo 993 model had the first twin turbocharging. It had one smaller turbocharger intalled in each cylinder bank. It was also the first turbo model that featured all-wheel drive. The front of the Turbo had three sparate air openings. It also had air slots for the brake cooling. A significant design on the 993 was that the rear spoiler was completley painted in the exterior color. It had a 3.6-litre biturbo engine that had a power output of 408 hp. In 1996 a power kit came out for increasing the power output to 430 hp.


In the 2000’s the Porsche Carrera GT type 980. There were only 1270 produced in this exclusive production. It has a ten-cylinder engine with dry-sump lubrication. It’s engine was originally designed for the track. 5.5-litre naturally aspirated V10 engine (increased to 5.7 litres for the standard production model). This Porsche Carrera has a power output of 450kW/612 PS at 8000 rpm. A top speed of 205 mph with a manual six-speed gearbox.


What does the future of Porsche look like? It looks electric. The newest Porsche concept it the Porsche Mission E. It is a fully electric sportscar. Porsche will be taking technolgies from the race track to the road. They do already have the Porsche E-Performance with their range of plug-in hyrbids, but Porsche wants to take it to the next level. And we know that they will. The key specs for this concept are impressive. A range of 300 miles, an acceleration of 0-62 mph in under 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 150 mph, and a 80% charge time in under 15 minutes.

The Mission E will still have the signature Porsche apperance with the same shapes and aerodynamics, but it might sound a little different. With no combustion engine, no exhaust system, and no transmission tunnel. We are excited to see this concept become a reality.

Come Join Porsche Beaverton and World of Speed in celebrating 55 years of driving greatness. The Exhibit opens April 28 and runs through the rest of 2018.

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