Minimize Ash and Smoke Damage

Wood ash might seem harmless enough — and in certain circumstances, it has its benefits, such as providing grip on icy walkways — but when mixed with water, either through rain or fog, it can create substances that are quite harsh on body paint and trim.

Fallout damage like this isn’t covered by your car’s warranty, and the expense of completely repainting a vehicle or replacing all exterior rubber components can be substantial.

Without the physical presence of ash, smoke can cause expensive damage as well, when it permeates and saturates interior upholstery and fabrics.

Avoid the temptation to just wipe off a vehicle with a cloth; wood ash can have fine grit, which will easily scratch painted body panels with even the lightest touch.

Engine and cabin air filters will require more frequent inspections when driving through ashy environs. Any time you’ve got a layer of ash to clean off your vehicle, take time to inspect both filters and keep an extra of each on hand.

The packages below will help to keep you and your vehicle healthy through these harsh conditions.

Offers expire October 31, 2020


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