How to Pronounce Taycan

December 27th, 2018 by

Excited about the amazing new all electric Porsche? Us here at Porsche Beaverton are excited for it too! But how do you actually pronounce the name of this new vehicle?

Porsche has announced the name of its first full-electric sports car during the official celebration of the anniversary “70 years Porsche sports car” – Taycan. The name translates as “lively young horse”, referencing the center of the Porsche crest.

The new electric sports car is athletic and performance-oriented; a car that is capable of longer distances, and represents freedom. The Taycan is the first electric sports car with the soul of a Porsche.

Although it may not be obvious when you first see the model name. The correct way to say ‘Taycan’ is like ‘Tie-Con’.

Watch the video from Porsche for more details on this awesome new vehicle and to hear the correct way to pronounce Taycan!

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