Air pollution alleviated by COVID-19. Its clear that the switch to electric is the future.

April 8th, 2021 by

Prior to COVID-19, air pollution alone has impaired the lives of over 7 million people. In our every day lives, we rely on cars, trucks, and other transportation vehicles as vital partners to take us from one place to another. It is no secret that the accumulation of their emissions are the leading cause of air pollution due to the high volume of these in nearly every part of the United states. Respiratory failure and health ailments heighten the risk of life-threatening conditions, such as COVID-19. A long-standing pandemic caused by unhealthy levels of air pollution has lead many to suffer further in conjunction with COVID-19.

As seen through a forced government lockdown, air quality has improved in the last year due to a restriction of traveling, stay-at-home orders, and overall economic activity.  There was a dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions globally by 17%. The effects of limiting the use of gas-powered vehicles can be seen almost immediately through the example we have seen across the globe.  While gas powered vehicles are the bread-and-butter in our transportation industry, a small shift in our habits can make a big difference. The answer is clear: electric vehicles are necessary to help reduce the pollutants in the air.

Being in the auto sector, it may seem counter intuitive to sell cars, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reinvent the wheel to accommodate for a new wave of innovation. The automotive sector is undergoing a big transformation as the world becomes more digital, more connected, and more climate-conscious. While we are fully aware that moving away from gas powered vehicles won’t happen overnight,  we understand that now is the time to think ahead and be ahead of the curve for changes in our industry.

That’s where the Taycan comes in. Porsche has stepped into the electric mobility game offering an all-electric sports car with a Porsche soul. Additionally, e-hybrid models of the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera.

As our global economy and local lives are slowly rebuilt, we must ask ourselves: why not build it better? This new year of opportunity is the perfect time to learn something new and instill fresh ideas and healthy habits for ourselves and for the environment. Being a part of a sustainable movement is not something to be ashamed of; the future is closer than it seems and Porsche Beaverton is ready to embrace the future sooner than later.

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